Sunday, February 12, 2012

i took a break from twitter and...

actually...i really liked it.

honestly...i've been going through some heavy stuff lately. adding to my anxiety was social media in general.

i'm not going to write something vague here. most people suck. whether it's real life friends or twitter friends. most. people. suck. most people bounce out on you the minute things go wrong. they turn their backs on you. they aren't there when you need them most, even when you're always there for them.

and some people? they're really awesome. cherish those people.

as of now, i am keeping my twitter and keeping this blog. i have decided to make my twitter anonymous as of now as well. please respect this decision and hope you still all have fun tweeting with me!

some fashion / food content will be up this week. i've been trying to be a better blogger.

thanks for understanding! xoxo


Ashley said...

I understand! Glad you're back for now, and take as much time off as you need! :)


Lesley said...

It's always good to take a break! Hope things are going well!

J said...

sometimes too much social media isn't a good thing.. when you gotta space yourself from it, do it, you'll find much better things to do with your time im sure!

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