Monday, October 10, 2011

eshakti experience

i was contacted by a representative from eshakti earlier this year and they asked if i'd like to sample one of their items. i really appreciate when companies reach out to me and i had heard of the brand before (with mixed reviews), so i figured why not? 

plus, i can never turn down a great dress :p 

mrs. draper's day dress, img&link info found here

above is NOT a picture of the dress that i received. i'm posting a current item because they were kind enough to send it a while ago and i have not had time to post a review.

i chose a dress that had a cardigan over it, it was like a two-in-one style dress. it had a gray cardigan with a red dress. great color pairing! i chose it because i do not have anything like it.

the thing that i liked about this brand was it does custom sizing. if you're anything like me - petite - you know this is definitely a good thing! especially when it comes to items like jackets, which they also have. sleeve lengths can be such a pain in regular sizing.

they do offer some incentives like signing up for their emails and currently have a free shipping promo, but they are a bit on the pricier side. not THAT pricey though, considering if you opt for something custom. i was a bit disappointed because i thought the two in one dress had a detachable cardigan (it was probably something i looked over in the details), but it did not. it was all one dress. other than that, i was very pleased. 

i also really appreciated that the representative and company were both VERY patient with me. i received this sample a few months ago and i had so many things going on in my personal life, but i wasn't ever pressured to post a review right away. i like dealing with companies like that.


ftc: i was sent a dress to give my honest opinion about.


The Budget Babe said...

great review! i've ordered from them before and was pleased with my dress, quality matched the price i thought.

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