Friday, January 14, 2011

if i had a black card...

i always *think* that i have a ton of luxe, designer items on my wishlist right on the tip of my tongue. however, when it came time to make this list, i actually had a bit of difficulty...but as you can see, i managed to find a ton of fabulous things! besides the obvious amazing vacation and probably a fabulous car, here are some of the items that i'd pick out with my black card...

first, i'd buy season legends tickets to see the new york yankees play ... they're my favorite sports team!

season tickets found here/img via here

i'd buy some fabulous outerwear...
Michael Kors long leather trench found here

really, can you ever go wrong with some MK?!

next i'd start off with one of my obsessions...i'd buy some fabulous dresses!

Chloé silk-satin ruffle skirt dress found here

how cute is this twist on the classic LBD?!
Hervé Léger cutout bandage dress found here

this dress would highlight every curve and my kardashian-esque booty :p 

 Stella McCartney sequin-embellished cotton-blend dress found here

i LOVE this dress - simple yet in a sexy color! i'd happily take those shoes as well!

Temperley London Camilla silk-crepe dress found here

in my perfect world, kate middleton would be my bff. i could totally wear this shopping with her!

 Alexander McQueen strapless silk-chiffon gown found here

i normally shy away from longer dresses being a shorty, but i absolutely ADORE this stunning gown

i'd move on to some shoes...

Christian Louboutin Futura nappa leather peep-toe boots found here

can you ever go wrong with Louboutins? they'd just join my million other pairs that i'd had already charged!

Burberry studded Wellies found here

these are some killer wellies!

then i'd buy a few handbags....

  Michael Kors Tonne Gathered Tote found here

in my perfect world, michael kors would adopt me (and rachel!). seriously. i'd own everything from his lines. hahaha :p 

Christian Louboutin  Morrigan Large Capra Tote found here

perfect to match with all of my Louboutins! can you ever go wrong with a classic black bag?!
Alexander Wang Rocco bag found here

i mean, my pup's name is rocco and i love studs...makes sense right?!

i'd polish it all off with some serious bling...

Tiffany Tesoro watch found here

i love gold. this watch is so chic! ...although i'd still keep a stash of my MK watches! 

 Tiffany Fancy Deep Pink diamond ring found here

tiffany and co or the answer is no! dianna and i were just discussing this haha :p ...i'd always say yes to this ring.. just sayin ;)

and i'd make sure that my desk was always stocked with some tiffany pens...

Tiffany "Blue" pen found here

i mean it IS my name after all ... my parents should have known i'd be trouble with a credit card ;)

and i may have just splurged on one of the items that was on my wishlist for a looong time now, thanks to some "research" for this post...whoops. lmao.

i guess i'm not hard to please after all. some fabulous dresses, shoes, handbags and bling - and i'm set :p 



Josie said...

So much fabulousness all in one post! I must get mine to you right away; I'm so excited to do it.
xo Josie

Maddy said...

Lol!! you have a lot on your wishlist!! All I want is a luxury spa vacation! Or a getaway at the wine country :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

Just give me the Stella McCartney Sequin-Embellished Cotton-Blend Dress and I would be happy for all of eternity. Seriously. Swoon!! :)

Kris said...

Oh my god... that McQueen and the Louboutin... MINE!

ps Would love to design for you! keep me posted. ;o)

Rachel said...

The Stella McCartney dress, the Louboutins, the Burberry boots, the Alexander Wang bag... I want it all!!

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing selections, darling!
Especially loving the Leger dress and the Loubs!


naomemandeflores said...

Great wishlist! I love that amazing Stella McCartney dress. It's perfect!

Camila F.

bandofphotos said...

Perfect selection! HAHAHAHAHA is a great whishlist and i loved the gray dress!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Those are def some AH-mazing items! I love the Tiffany line hehe!

I didn't even think about buying season tickets to the (best baseball team!!! :P) The Angels. It's OK I'd fly you out to Anaheim with my black card so you could come to the Angel/Yankee games and watch your team get beat in person.

Bahaha, I kid. Well kinda. You know what I mean!

Love ya :D

emily said...

OMGOSH that stella mccartney dress is almost identical to the current stella mccartney for target range - except with a round neck - in Australia! makes me want to go buy one now...its reduced to $49!

Style, She Wrote said...

Great post! Love the Chloe LBD and the Louboutins especially! xo style, she wrote

claire (jazzpad.) said...

My gut reaction is an Alexa. An Alexa. An Alexa. An Alexa. An Alexa. An Alexa. Who knows if it actually came to it? Here's to hoping we win the lottery eh :) jazzy ♥

FashionJazz said...

Fab post hun! xx

Lesley said...

Haha I would totally buy that Herve dress too!

Candace Stevenson said...

I love all the bags! thanks for sharing, miss!! :)

MLMB said...

Love the collection - especially the chloe dress *drools* :) xxx

Leia said...

So many gorgeous items! Especially love the dresses.


Kristin said...

That McQueen gown is the stuff dreams are made out of!

Hope Adela said...

i love the gray maxi dress! =)

Audrey Allure said...

Such gorgeous dresses!

JoaNNa said...

great wishlist! love the Chloe and Stella Mccartney dress!! I'm dying to have a great studded leather jacket right now!

Jen said...

PURSES!! I have such an obsession with that that I'd buy a bunch of LV, Gucci and Hermes purses. Hmmm... just thinking about that puts a smile on my face! :-)

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

that mcqueen dress is gorgeous! I would buy a ton of bags and shoes lol

Kayla said...

I need a black card too. I'm not sure there is anything I wouldn't buy at least one of but I adore shoes. True weakness.

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Imogen said...

Definitely shoes and clothes and obviously a car and house and wedding for me. I love this feature. Do you still want people to participate in this feature? because I will if you send me the email again.

Alynne Leigh said...

oh my goodness! so much fab in one post, i don't even know where to begin!
i love the spin on the LBD.
i understand your credit card dangers... christmas came and then disapeared, unlike the credit card bills which came....and are still bugging me. :(
eek! good luck with your self control!! hahaha.

Jules said...

What a fun post and it is nice to dream of what we’d do with endless amounts of cash! I love the Chloe and Stella McCartney dresses you posted. The Tiffany pink diamond ring is a stunner and would be on my list too!

If I could splurge on one thing right now, it would be the Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM.

Rachel {Inspiration in Italy} said...

Wow I'm really drooling over these items.... I especially want the cutout bandage dress and the wellies!!


ladyheart said...

I love all the stuff on the wishlist specially the wristwatch and bag.

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