Friday, May 14, 2010

perfectly petite denim guide

i'm 5'1 and 3/4 of an inch (or we can leave it that i'm 5'2), which i've grown to love. i can get away with some dresses that may be too short for those who are 5'7, i can wear heels and not tower over most guys, etc etc.

but buying pants?

...don't. even. start. me.

most stores don't cater to petites and it can be really. really. really. aggravating. it's amazing to notice the difference of a petite cut. if you're my height, you completely know what i'm trying to say. petite dresses just fit better. petite pants actually don't look create horrendous proportions. and so on.

when you're petite, it's hard to walk into a store and buy a pair of pants to wear immediately. i always need to get my pants hemmed. i'm not exactly the most patient person to begin with, so waiting for my pants to get hemmed is another drawback. especially with jeans, haha.

often times, even if you do get your pants hemmed..they still don't look right. jeans that are made to fit someone 5'7 still don't look 100% right on a 5'2 frame. they just don't. and certain pants look downright awful hemmed (read: anything akin to yoga pants)

during my struggle with finding the perfect pair of pants, more specifically denim, i've learned a few lessons.

7 for all mankind lexie-gwenevere skinny stretch jeans
found here

i'm obsessed with jeans. if i'm not at work or not wearing a dress, you will likely find me in jeans. a lot of people may not agree with me, but i find a major difference between jeans you'd buy at a regular store (whether it be target or forever 21) and designer denim. i'm a sucker for designer denim. i can justify the price because i wear my jeans so often and in my experience, it holds up better (for me) due to overall better quality.

many designers have began to acknowledge petites. i'd recommend 7 for all mankind petite denim. i personally have petite skinny jeans from them and i adore them. i've had them for almost two years.. i think. lol. anyway, i've had a lot of luck with petite designer denim at nordstrom.. click here to view their selection.

william rast
found here

still, there are a lot of designer lines that do not acknowledge petites.

william rast (uhh justin timberlake and trace ayala), i'm talking to you.

william rast is one of my favorite designers when it comes to denim. the solution for me is to get them hemmed. again, i've had my best luck at nordstrom. i'm not sure if their policy has changed, but nordstrom used to do a free basic hem if you purchase the denim from them.

miss-treated skinny jean
found here

simply put, if you find a skinny jean that fits you properly, you can make it work. i know most assume "okay, skinny jeans aren't going to work unless i'm like, a toothpick." but they do. trust me. i have a kim kardashian booty and i still love my skinny jeans.

also, a lot of people don't buy the correct skinny jeans. they should not be loose...hence the name. they SHOULD be tight around the ankles...and if you're petite, there is going to be a bit of bunching, but it shouldn't be too much. for me, i'd rather have a bit of bunching than waiting to get my pants hemmed. plus, it's totally versatile to have them a bit longer if you're planning to wear them with different shoes that may be different heights.

jolt pick-me-up denim legging
found here and here

the best advice that i could ever give to someone who is super petite looking for the perfect jeans? don't be afraid of the jegging.

i know, i know. jeans + leggings = jeggings = that name just sounds gross. but trust me. it works.

you have to look for jeggings that are more like jeans, not leggings. look for faux pockets and real jean-like details. don't go for options that are simply a blue color with no details. that's when you can say "ew, jeggings are kind of horrendous.."

my personal favorite is pictured above. i ordered them expecting to hate them (read more here) and i instantly fell in love with them. i can't tell you how much use i've gotten out of these since i bought them. they're absolutely amazing and easily my current favorite pair of denim (or leggings? your call.)

the best part about them (besides the price, which i think is great) is the fact that they REALLY look like jeans. no need to worry about having to cover your butt (which you should do with the pockets look legit. you can wear these as regular jeans.

in my opinion, they're a lot more comfy than regular jeans too. i've worn them a lot and they still haven't done the whole dreaded "ugh, how'd my favorite jeans get baggy and gross" thing.

again, you don't have to be super thin to pull off this look (remember, i have a whole kardashian thing going on and these work for me..haha.) 

and...for the fifteenth million time..they're my favorite jeans (or leggings) .. like ever. haha

that's pretty much all of the tips that i could think of (for now at least). hopefully i'll be able to do some more tips one day. it's not easy finding denim that fit you perfectly if you're petite, so i hope this helps! :o)



Leah said...

Love these jeans tip... I agree with you, once you find the perfect pair, then don't hesitate. Me, I buy it in all kinds of washes. And skinny jeans are my faves. Have a great weekend! xoxo

Kandi-STYLE said...
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hiyaluv said...

Oh my goodness! I LOATHE jeans shopping. I am 5'2 and 3/8ths and although I too like being short I can't deal with pants shopping. I hate having to buy a pair of pants and then take them to get hemmed. AND THEN if they look weird hemmed you are S-O-L because the pants have been altered and you can't return them. So now you are stuck with a pair of pants you can't wear. HUMPH! I feel your frustration.

On the other hand-i am pumped with 7 for all mankind petites however they still fit me kind of weird too. :/ My butt always insists on hanging out the back. As we all know-that is far from hot.
Perhaps I just have a strange body? :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

My jeans are ALWAYS too long - I'm only 5'1. Typically I just fold the excess material under, and it stays put. Lately, however, I've been living in leggings and denim shorts so it hasn't been a problem! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Fabulously informative post, darling!


Josie said...

I'm short as well (5'3" on a good day) and while short dresses and tall heels are certainly happy things about my height, I totally agree about pants. And I also absolutely live in my jeans. I generally just take jeans to the tailor because petite jeans never fit me quite the way that I want them to. Overall, though, a fab guide :)
xxoo Josie

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

I'll have to check those out! I am short too!!

StacieBlair said...

I'm 5'1 and usually have problems with the lengths of jeans... but I find that J brand and Joe's Jeans fit ammmmazing!! I also got a pair of !it jeans and they are great! Check them out!


S.Elisabeth said...

I'm going to have to try those jeggings!
I hate hate hate jeans and wear them only when I have too-- read most of winter. Mostly because of the way my hips and waist are proportioned, they're only comfortable when I'm at my fittest! And because I'm only a inch taller than you, they never fit right!
I have found though that American Eagle jeans, when they say short, hit my ankle/foot in just the right spot!

Style, She Wrote said...

Great post. Love the options you presented. I usually hem my jeans or taper my waist to get just the right fit.

E said...

Those Jolt leggings are so cute!

gleenn said...

cutting the edge of both legs would do no good because it ruins the proportion. if you are having trouble looking for your best jeans, it must be good to have some trip to Asia and get the jeans created for their people. :)

Anna Jane said...

Jeans shopping is so very frustrating, I'm sure there are many many people out there who find this is similarly the case!
I have really really long legs so most jeans are too short for me, yet I have a petite waist so I often find jeans are either too loose on the hips or not long enough in the leg. I tend to find choosing jeans from shops with specific waist and leg measurements (e.g. Topshop) is the best option.
Great tips though! And I agree, skinny jeans and jeggings are amazing and work for more body shapes than people think.

- Anna Jane xxx

Romany said...

I'm tall, but I have big hips and relatively toned legs, so for me, rather that difficulty with length, I have difficulty finding jeans that suit this combination - jeans that fit big hips, but don't sag over my smaller legs, and that suit my height. Grr. But I find Calvin Klein jeans work wonders for my shape!

CC said...

Gosh, I so know how annoying that is.
Skirts, fine. Shorts, perfect. Dresses, fab! But jeans, good lord, they are always, ALWAYS too long. Grr.
- Fellow Shorty ;)

PetiteGorgeous said...

Great article. My first visit here :). If you are petite and are looking to purchase a pair of good denim, check out the following retailers. I'm 5'3 and I have been happy with them.

Joe's Jeans
Ann Taylor
True Religion

Audrey Allure said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm also petite, and that's why I end up wearing leggings, dresses, shorts, or skirts most of the time. For me, jeans are easier for me to find than work pants. I usually just go to Uniqlo since their size scale is smaller than other stores, and they do free hemming!

Really Petite said...

Very cute jeans. I am always on the hunt for skinny jeans for petites. If you have a chance, please enter my giveaway to win a pearl necklace:

Glad I found your blog! :)

daisychain said...

At 5'10 I have the opposite problem. Swap?!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU I am 5'1 and I hate hemming jeans - the knees always end up on my shins. I tend to shop at online stores based in asia since their normal sizes are often smaller than american sizes.

Adele said...

I'am 4'11 lovely :)
- Adele

Kayla said...

I am a terrible jean shopper. But I have made a new best friend... the tailor. It's a life saver. i suggest all girls find one to befriend.

la petite fashionista said...

LOVED this post! I can (obviously) relate being 5'0! Great suggestions. I hate having to get things altered so I generally just wear skinny jeans and jeggings :)

Andie said...

im not a fan of the kind of jeggings that have the pant details printed on it as if they were actually pants, but the pants that have the jeggings (ugh the name sounds really gross, especially now that in my country theres a term called jejemon)material seems kinda cool

Elizabeth said...

If you want cheapish jeans, go to American Eagle. They have mostly short sizes.

Also, I was wondering if you can post a new article about what TYPE of jean (flare, straight, boyfriend, etc) looks best on petite women. I'm 5'4 and around 110 lbs. and wear short in jeans, but not sure what style looks best on me. Also, if you could do that while taking in account body type (pear, hourglass, etc). I would really appreciate it. I saw your article's link on TheBudgetBabe's website.

Elle said...

I totally gave up on wearing pants years ago with the exception of a couple pairs of jeggings... It's just so much easier to wear dresses being a shorty (5ft)! Will definitely check out those jolt jeans though!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I barely wear jeans anymore haha but I have had this problem sometimes in the past.

If I really like the jean I'll take it to a tailor

Liya said...

oof sounds like a nuisance
also sounds like you know more and more what to look for tho!

Maddy said...

Great post, though I don't have the problem of being short or "petite". I guess we all have our clothes issues :) I've always wondered the hype over designer jeans, but could never see for myself since most designers don't bother making jeans past a size 12. So I'm stuck with Old Navy/ Gap jeans for the most part. But once I get to my goal weight, I'd love to get a pair of designer jeans - just to see if they make a difference!

Imogen said...

Very interesting & informative post. I generally don't have a problem but it does depend on the shop. I'm about average height around 5'4.

Pop Champagne said...

Seven for Mankind is soo comfy. Yeah I'm 5"6' and most times I even have to hem my jeans! I don't know why they make them so tall these days!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Wow. You have NO IDEA how much I can relate to this post. It made me smile.

I am five feet tall and curvy, so buying jeans anywhere for me is a NIGHTMARE. And what sucks is that I typically fall in love with jeans that are not only too tall for me, but have cute designs at the bottom which cannot be hemmed. Lol. Such a shame.

I don't understand why stores don't realize most girls are not supermodels. We're not all tall and skinny. Sheesh.

I love the jeans you suggested and definitely need to save this post for when I go denim shopping in the future.

Thanks for this post!!

Rachel said...

Great petite denim guide! Since I'm only 5'2, I can definitely relate. It's always a pain to find jeans that fit perfectly.
I only wear skinny jeans so I'm always buying new pairs. The ones from American Eagle and the Bullhead jeans from Pacsun are some of my favorites. They're affordable and they fit! :)

Absolutely Ladylike said...

I actually have the opposite problem...I gave up on jeans since I become size 42 /ok. I realize that I have some over wight but I wouldn't call myself "fat"/.

I never find a jeans which looks good on me in this size..they are usually too long and uncomfortable...

Happy Monday!

Cheers: Evi

Absolutely Ladylike said...

Ops, sorry for the miss spelling I meant over weight!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Great tips! I'm 5.5 and still find it difficult to find trousers that fit. Costume National's shapes are fine for me, but many others are just all wrong. Jeggings (terrible name, so true) sound like a great option.

Ashley said...

I am barely 5 ft tall, so I can totally understand everything you wrote here! I am ridiculously impatient and hate having my jeans hemmed, especially because they never end up looking right even post-hemming, so I rarely even wear jeans at all. I love my Current/Elliott "jeggings", but they bunch so much at the ankle - I really should take them to be hemmed. Anyways, I'm definitely going to check out those Jolt "jeggings", they look and sound amazing!


J said...

i agree for petite girls its def really hard to find a good pair! i find them really randomly! i do have a pair of 7 for all mankind which are really good, but i also have BR petites and Express short work pants that work pretty well!

Fashion Court said...

thank you girls for all of the feedback! i noticed a request or two in there which i will get to as soon as possible :o)

Lady Marmalade said...

love the last shoes!!!

George Wells George Wells said...

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