Monday, May 31, 2010

a little bit of palm beach.

case of the mondays? hope these shoes brighten your day!

MICHAEL michael kors palm beach wedge sandal
found here, here, here and here

truth be told, michael kors can do no wrong in my eyes. from his amazing petite dresses, to his equally gorgeous handbags, the watch that never leaves my wrist and his stunning shoes...i kind of wish he lived in my closet...or at least was like my best friend. i'm a sucker for anything gold, so i love the dainty gold details on these wedges. they're also available in silver, if you prefer that over gold. these shoes look like they'd be great with well..just about everything. well done, MK, well done.



Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Michael Kors can not live in your closet, the rest of us would be lost without him.

hiyaluv said...

i have the perfect outfit for these shoes! must have!

Le Sigh of a Fashionista said...

Those are totally the perfect summer shoe. And I agree, MK never fails. MK and Tim Gunn are the only reasons I watch Project Runway!!

E said...

Very cute! I like!

Maddy said...

I'm a sucker for anything Michael a very enthusiastic YES!

Josie said...

I'm so in love with these! The perfect metallic wedges.
xxoo Josie

Ashley said...

Oooo yes I would rock these proudly! They are the perfect summer sandals!


Romany said...

I agree, it's hard to go wrong with Michael Kors or a wedge sandal, so put the two together and what do you have? A dynamic duo if I ever saw one. ;)
Definitely rock these shoes.

Rachel said...

I absolutely love everything Michael Kors does. And I'm loving these wedges! They are just too perfect!

anhesty said...

this is a very versatile wedge. they are def perfect for the summer.


yes, they are a classic and a must-have for every girl in summer time!

SabinePsynopsis said...

You've said it - Michael Kors can't go wrong. Eternally stylish!

Nubiasnonsense said...

This show is great for summer.. Michael Kors is great

Elle said...

I love MK and his strange orange tan:) But seriously his lines are classic and I love these wedges!

Anonymous said...

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