Monday, May 3, 2010


case of the mondays? hope these shoes brighten your day!

madison cork wedge
found here

i'm a shoe snob. when it comes to shoes, i am willing to dish out money for good quality. however, i'll never refuse a little trip to payless. it's definitely a more wallet friendly option in regards to satisfying your shoe addiction needs. i usually wind up going in out of curiousity..and often wind up leaving with a pair (or two..or three) of shoes. i found these wedges a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with them. i have a hard time saying no to studs or any type of gold embellishments. they're not too high of a wedge at all, either. i wore them for an entire day out (a LOT of walking included) and they were easy to walk in. they're also available in white...which aren't online anymore so check your store out.

(plus, how could i resist the brand dexter when my favorite tv show is dexter (a different one, of course!)? i know it's totally unrelated but it was just another sign, i swear! :p)



hiyaluv said...

fabulous shoes! luv!


ps-if you haven't done so yet, stop by and enter my giveaway!

Josie said...

These are cute! I haven't bought Payless shoes in FOREVER.
xxoo Josie

gigiofca said...

Those are very cute. Payless usually has somethin cute in store.

Nubiasnonsense said...

These look like they would be so Comfty!

daisychain said...

these are sweet

Marz said...

Dexter rocks (the show, I'm not sure about the shoe!) But payless can sometimes have the most comfortable shoes and I love that!

Ashley said...

I *love* Payless for cheap shoes that don't make me feel guilty! I have a pair of Alice + Olivia for Payless wedges that are some of my fav shoes in my closet! And those wedges are adorable :)


Romany said...

I have a pair of wedge heels except with white straps, and they're so incredibly comfy, it's ridiculous. So great for summer. And I've had them since I was 12, can you believe it (I'm 18 now)??
Haha I think I'm a bit of a shoe snob, too. ;)

Kris said...

I had trouble in heels... but I could wear these!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Personally I would find they 'cut' my leg a bit to high at the ankle, but I'm certainly not against a shoe bargain!

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