Friday, May 7, 2010

confessions of a target-aholic.

i've had a lot of luck at target lately. those who follow me on twitter .. you may have noticed that i go to target... um...all of the time.. like, i'm there a minimum of twice a week. i live close to at least six targets and considering how often i'm there..i'm surprised i just don't live at one.

(because sometimes... i know their stock better than their employees. and i called myself a targeteer the other day. yeeeeah. i know.)

recently, i've been obsessed with liberty of london and cynthia vincent. first off, i'm a sucker for anything with a good floral print. and secondly, we all know i have a shoe problem. a bad one. but that's clearly an issue i need to address with a trained professional who handles shopping addictions.

i was down in south (or central? i dunno. sort of on the border, so whatevs) jersey right before the zac posen collection came out and what do i find? A TARJAY! across the street from my other mothership (nordstrom). i'm one of those people who gets fascinated to visit stores that are near me anyway, but in different locations.

now i really sound like i have a shopping problem...

i digress.

i went in to see if the zac posen line came in early.. i found this maxi and two black skirts but it didn't do anything for me.

what did though was this display.

and i lost my self control.

what i think is a little odd (and i guess pretty lucky on my behalf) is that the target website lists most of what i bought as new and at full price. i'm guessing that maybe this store marked it down early and/or by mistake. the other targets that i went to did not have most of the selection in stock (perhaps either sold out or not in yet?) .. which i also found pertty (wtf? why did i just type pertty?) pretty odd. also, there are reviews from early i guess it's not completely new. but i'm definitely not complaining.

some of the stuff i bought/saw isn't available online, so i'll just talk about/review what you can currently order online right now. i don't know if what i bought is a specific collection, but most of it falls into the "vintage sea life" section online. as always, the online stock photos do nothing for the collection..and honestly, this stuff didn't completeeeely completely impress me until i actually was wearing it.

nautical double strand necklace
found here

i'm someone who has to try everything on, regardless of if it looks horrible on the hanger/on display. i need to actually see it on me to make a decision. this necklace's vibrant colors instantly caught my eye, but i wasn't sure if i was exactly feeling it. i am SO glad that i tried it on because it's probably my favorite out of all of the things that i bought. this will look amazing with my simple michael kors dress. it's the perfect statement necklace for the summer. i was able to get this for $20.

starfish beaded multi strand necklace
found here

this caught my eye in the display, but i'll be didn't look like something that i would actually wear. again, i'm glad that i tried it on. it's definitely not the typical piece that i'd gravitate towards but i'm so glad that i picked it up. this is another great statement piece for the summer. while i think it would look great with a simple LBD, it also looked pretty cute with the simple white vneck that i was wearing when i tried it on. i paid like $27 for this.

enamel hinged bangle bracelet
found here in aqua, white, turquoise and coral (or as target likes to call it, coarl. clearly, someone isn't utilizing spell check..)

this bracelet is what originally caught my eye. it's so much prettier in person. can someone pleeeease tell me if there's a similar designer bracelet? they remind me of something that i've seen before but i can't pinpoint where/what. anyway, in person this bracelet looks more like a minty green rather than aqua. really cute and simple. the advertisement has them layered. i snagged this bracelet in the three colors available at the store for like $9. it's listed online as $12.99..and i wanted to complete my set so i bought the white at full price. definitely worth it - you'd pay much more in a boutique for something similar.

starfish oversized pendant necklace
found here

this also caught my eye as i was passing. i LOVE long necklaces that i can just put on easily..i'm really bad with hooking clasps (hahaha :p). i adore the cute starfish design.. i think it always reminds me of florida, where i spent a good chunk of my childhood. i snagged this necklace for $5. it's currently sold out online but the list price is $19.99.

cast coral oversized pendant necklace
found here

this was laying on the side (well, two of them were) and i wasn't sure if i was feeling it at first. of course, i changed my mind when i actually tried it on. i was afraid that it would look too much like a snowflake but it really doesn't. again, this is a longer necklace. this was also marked down to like $5.

triple drop earrings
found here

i'm not one for dangly earrings, or earrings in general for that matter, so i passed on these. but this target had the earrings marked down to $4!

nautical shaky stretch bracelet
found here

this was in the display, marked down to i believe half of the original price. i didn't try it on because i was in love with the other bracelets and this looked a bit too busy. it does match one of the necklaces that i bought though.

stretch oval ring 
found here

i think this was marked down to like $15? it's a cute design but WAY too big..on my fingers at least. it literally ate up my ring finger lol. definitely wouldn't work with someone with small hands like me.



Ashley said...

Cute jewelry! I honestly have not seen any of these pieces at my Target, but my Target is very rural and... um... *behind* on trends and what not. But we finally got Zac Posen in the other day! No maxi dress, at least not yet - I *love* the Zac Posen maxi dress!!


Audrey Allure said...

I agree, sometimes jewelry doesn't look great on the display but looks fabulous when worn! Such cute items, I might have to visit Target soon :)

anhesty said...

i haven't noticed this line yet. but it is cute. i like. very cute for the springtime. you are def a targetaholic :D

Rosie Unknown said...

I die. We only have one target at all near me, and after I started reading your blog I decided to see if I could find any of the amazing stuff you write about there, but they don't carry anything interesting!

Rachel said...

Don't hate me, but I haven't been to Target in a couple months. Lol. Terrible, isn't it? The closest ones to me are like an hour away so I don't get there that often.

But I am absolutely in love with all of the fabulous accessorize you bought! :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm OBSESSED with the Target Vintage Sea Life Collection. It's weird though...they had a similar collection out two years ago, and I bought a few pieces from it back then, so I'm really not buying any now. But...I want those pendant necklaces!! :)

Leah said...

I haven't checked the accessory line in Target. Just the other night, I was in Target and I saw the Liberty of London tops and dresses in the Clearance section. I bought two tops at half the price. I was not so impressed with the Zac Posen line too... I find the items so stiff. Next time I go to Target, I'll head over to the bling-bling section.

PS... I'm in California now. We don't have Target in the Philippines. xoxo

veronicaa said...

All great pieces!
I love em :)
Great post.
Such gorgeous photos!
Love your blog.
Xoxo Veronica

Couture Carrie said...

I, too, am a Targetaholic!

Beautiful selections, darling!

Especially loving that last ring!


daisychain said...

what gorgeous jewellery. I'm sure if we had target here I'd be addicted.

gigiofca said...

Yes, my Targets have marked it down. So pretty! I took photos and never posted them. Perhaps I'll get on that.

S.Elisabeth said...

Ah I'm obsessed with target too (though I can't go quite as often!)!! I love this jewelry collection, so I'll definitely have to check it out the next time I'm there!

Josie said...

I love the ring and the bangle -- at home I go to Target at least every other day; I totally go through withdrawl at school.
xxoo Josie

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Those two starfish necklaces are just gorgeous. They stole my heart! I totally need to get my butt to Target asap! :P

gleenn said...

This is the first time I heard about Target. Are they purely selling accessories? The red beaded starfish necklace looks like heavy on the neck? Is it? You seem to have a good time shopping. :)

J said...

hahah I love how you are a target-holic! I love target as well!! I havent taken a look at this jewlery collection but I mite have to stop by today to take a peek myself!!

hiyaluv said...

you have such luck at target and although i adore that place, I have been so unlucky at finding anything remotley cute at my target. What stinks besides everything being totally picked over is that I have to drive 40 minutes to get there and then once I am there it is utter disappointment! :( I wish I had half a dozen targets in my area to choose from-then again I'd probably be broke!

Liya said...

dang i wish there was a target where i live....

Style, She Wrote said...

Love the collection - especially those bracelets! Will have to head over to my Target and see if they've been discounted!

la petite fashionista said...

I saw this collection in my Target a couple of months ago; i'm obsessed! it's all my favorite colors (turquoise & coral) & OH so summery. it's definitely fit for a Florida girl :)

Adele said...

Ohh I only ever visited Target once when I went to New York for the weekend... no target in the UK :(
- Adele

Maddy said...

I'm loving that starfish necklace! I think it would make a perfect accessory this summer! I don't even know how you find half this stuff at Target! I guess I shoud snoop around the clothing and jewelry sections more often! I'm usually off at the home section :)

The Goddess of Boho said...

My gawd! These are insanely beautiful :)
Love them!


Anonymous said...

OMG, stumbled onto this love that red coral necklace. Wish they still had these.
if you ever get tired, I will be interested in purchasing.

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