Saturday, March 20, 2010

quite possibly the most comprehensive LoL post ever.

first...bloggy stuff.

as you may have noticed (lol) i FINALLY updated the layout! this is thanks to both rai and yummy lolly..haha :o) i'm loving the new look and honestly it's inspiring me already. hope you all like it too.


i was so excited for this collection when i first heard about it. however, i was VERY disappointed by the JPG collection so my high hopes had dissipated. still, i ordered some stuff the night LoL came out on the target website and i have to admit that i'm extremely glad that i did. 

anna sui was my favorite collection so far. LoL is really challenging that. i LOVE the beautiful prints! i honestly can't tell you my favorite item lol. my favorite print is the sixty floral print. i think target should stick with this concept - good quality pieces at reasonable prices... less JPG type collections and more LoL you hear that, target? lol 

for those that are petite - there is a petites section online only. i'm a hairline under 5'2 and i didn't really see much of a difference. it came in handy with one of my dresses (see reviews below) but not with the shirts. the shirts were just a bit shorter which actually got on my nerves and i exchanged the petite shirt i got for a regular size instead.

also, for those that are petite - check out the kids section! you can see gigi's post here for an example. i ordered some kid items (lol) and i'll post a review on that next week since i haven't received them yet. i also ordered some purses and a wallet..which i'll also try to include in that post if i get them anytime soon.

if you're looking for those cute liberty of london headbands and can't seem to find them..CHECK THE KIDS DEPARTMENT! seriously. i've been to 5 targets (i live extremely close to 2 and 4 are relatively close as well lol) and they've all been hiding there! they sell them either in a 3 pack (1 is patterned, 2 plain) and one big thick one..both sell for $3.99 and they're super cute. they do fit adult heads (lol) and i've even seen a ton in the toddler section..which i can't seem to grasp.

if you're DYING for an item but can't find it - call your store often and check often. i did that with an anna sui jacket. also, stalk the website. check it a lot. they restock randomly. another piece of advice - GO TO THE STORE. seriously. they have so many items that aren't online - like a lot of stationary kits, candles, portfolios, binders, etc.

now that i've probably have made half of you x out from my LoL rambling :P.. i'll give my reviews on what i tried on/bought. i'll also include some notes about sizing and hopefully that will help with any questions. if you do have additional questions, feel free to comment here or email me! i've been to so many targets by now and i'm starting to become a sad, i know.


 boho drop waist ruffle top in black isis print
found here

this top is also available in two other prints - found here and here (and modeled by the budget babe here!). i absolutely love this top. as gigi mentioned, the material is close to a washed silk.

sizing: i have a fairly large bust so sometimes i need to size up due to that but it was not a problem here. there is a lot of room in the small and i probably could have gone with an xs if i wanted a bit of a tighter fit. i think this is meant to fit a bit loose.

verdict: a total win, but the bottom ruffle may be a deal breaker for some.

tiered ruffle keyhole tank
found here

also available in this adorable print here! the keyhole fit perfect for me - aka, not too much exposure. i almost didn't order this because i thought it would look too cutesy. i couldn't believe how much i loved both prints on and i'm definitely keeping both!

sizing: i stuck with a medium but could have sized down to a small. i'd say pretty much a true fit but if you want it a bit tighter, go with the smaller size.

verdict: again, the ruffles may be a bit cutesy for some..but try this on! definitely worth it!

ruffle halter dress in martha grace print
found here

also available in the sixty print found here. i had ordered both but target made a mistake with my order and sent me a duplicate of the above print. i probably would have wound up just keeping this print - i swear, i've had a DREAM about this print lol. i just love it.

sizing: HUGE. i tried on the regular size small at the store and it swam on me. it was a bit too long too. the petite sizing made all of the difference. i wound up keeping the petite small and it felt as if there wasn't too much material as there was with the regular size.

verdict: a flattering fit for all - if you can find the right size for your body!

double strap dress - mauverina print
found here

this was a surprise for me. i passed on ordering it online because i hate ordering "number sizing" online lol .. whenever i order from target i order both a small and a medium, in rare cases a large. when it comes to numbers, one store i can be a 4 and another a 12. i have curves and a big bust so anything with zippers makes things more difficult (lol). i adore the pattern and the sash is extremely flattering.

sizing: when target has their designer collabs, i usually go up a few sizes. in anna sui, i think i took a 7 in one of the dresses (and an xs, s, and m in all different dresses.. sizing is never consistent for me). i fit in a 10 but it was waaay too blousy and sized down to an 8.

verdict: a surprisingly beautiful find!

2-fer halter dress in black dunclare print 
found here

also available in pink dunclare print found here. this was another surprise to me. it looked like a generic halter dress and i didn't bother to order it online. i tried it on in target #5 today (lol) and loved it. super cute and definitely can be used as a skirt too!

sizing: another HUGE dress. the smallest size my store had today was a small. i bought it because i loved it so much but there is a ton of material. i ordered the extra small online and i'm hoping that has a better fit. either way, i'm keeping this!

verdict: it's cut extremely big - but that's a good thing in a way. it's perfect for a LOT of people! very flattering, even though there's a lot of material.

sateen shift dress in pink garla print
found here

also available in a yellow print found here. this dress looks fabulous on both sally and suze! i wasn't sure how this dress would fit my body type, but it was actually extremely slimming! i passed on this dress for now though, since i really have nowhere to wear it. i may go back for it .. or i may just see if the sale gods are on my side when this line eventually goes on clearance.

sizing: seems pretty much true to size. i tried on a size too small but i think i would have been fine with a size or two up.

verdict: seems like a very well made piece. try it!

embroidered babydoll dress
found here

meh. this is something i didn't order online but tried on in store. it's cute but does nothing for me. the bottom isn't as sheer as it looks online. cute design but way too much fabric.

sizing: seemed relatively normal, perhaps a smidge big. i did not enjoy the side zipper (lol)

verdict: a definite pass for me as it was an overall blah piece. i'd recommend going with another dress in this collection - more vibrant and more unique! 

tunic swim coverup in black dunclare print
found here

also available in multi color found here. can you believe this is a swim coverup? it is AMAZING. as a lot of the reviewers on target suggest, this can be used as a really cute top or a dress (definitely with leggings as it is a bit sheer). this is one of my favorite pieces and i'm glad that i ordered it online on a whim!

sizing: i got a medium so it can be used as a dress or shirt.

verdict: RUN TO TARGET! i loved this.

pleated dress in jumper print
found here

ugh. i wanted to love this dress but it's just way too much fabric. even the extra small seemed huge. it's such a cute concept and the pleats actually look nicer in person but it's not practical for me.

sizing: huge. not for petites in my opinion (lol).

verdict: if this works for you - it's amazing. it's truly a gorgeous piece and i wish i could make it work for me.

tiered ruffle dress in black isis print
found here

i like this but i'm not sure if i'll be keeping it. i returned the one size i got (see sizing notes) but this is REALLY cute. it may have too many ruffles and be a bit overwhelming for my height.

sizing: HUGE. i ordered the small and it was too big. it made me look wide but you could tell that *i* wasn't wide and it was the dress. i reordered the extra small the other day and i'm going to see how that works.

verdict: another dress that may appeal to a lot of body types. SO cute!

poppy print rain boots
found here

ADORABLE. i couldn't resist these! perfect for spring. when first showing my mom, she thought they looked a bit childish but then she took back her remark. they may look a bit juvenile but they're too pretty for me to pass up!

sizing: i ordered a 6 and 7. the smaller size came in the mail the other day and it was okay. i need to try out the 7 before i make my mind up. i'll probably size up.

verdict: SCORE! so pretty. 

floral milkcrate 
found here

i'm trying to hunt this down. i bought this and this. i wish i would have bought more online when they were in stock. they're pretty nicely crafted for the price. as i mentioned, this is my favorite print. i have the two that i bought sitting on my desk. my school stuff is organized perfectly! see the other varieties/prints of organizational supplies here.

verdict: if you need to get organized, get these! they're great motivation..if you can even find them at your store! i've been having a bit of trouble finding the matching pieces especially in this print.

this is one of the only IRL pics that i have of this collection. for me - these chairs have been HARD to track down and they are sold out online. i am in love with this chair and it took me 5 targets to actually find one in this print. you may be able to see the chair in the black dunclare print towards the back of the picture. however, the craftsmanship on this chair isn't the best. the chairs retail for $99.99 or $99.95..i forget lol..but somewhere around there. i don't think the price is worth it, as the two chairs the store had were peeling or missing part of the print on the chair. kind of disappointed..but i bought myself a mug in the same print for like $5 and i feel a lot better ;o)



Leah said...

Great review... I love the ruffled dress (though according to you, it's too big) and the swimsuit cover-up (you gave this a thumbs-up).

Have a great day! xoxo

Tracie said...

I loved almost everything they had. My store seems to be putting out stuff each day to replenish. I went to one Target and they had a tone of stuff. I bought so much stuff I need to go on a Target ban for a few days. I bought several boxes to help reorganize my room, 3 dresses (one from the kids section), 2 halter tops, the green and yellow print duffle with matching wallet, 2 canisters(one for my desk, and one for my bathroom to hold cotton pads), a pink floral cup for paper clips, and the tall glass for a pencil cup, 2 candles, the wavy floral print quilt, the peacock pillow and the paisley pillow, a lidded box for my rings, and 2 pink floral bowls to hold my bracelets. I've become obsessed and need an intervention.

Tracie said...

I also forgot the nightgown and 3 pairs of men's boxers for myself for the summer. HELP MEEEE!!!

yiqin; said...

I like the halter dress <3

Maddy said...

I love the new blog look! I think the 3 column layout suits you well too :o) Yay for blog makeovers!!

Great LOL review! I personally not a fan of the collection, only because I'm not a big "floral print" person. If I was to go for anything in this collection, it would be the floral wellies. Those look cute & perfect for the Spring!

daisychain said...

fab review hun, I so want the stationary!

Cafe Fashionista said... your new layout - so adorable! And so you - the bows/ribbons are fabulous!

Second...phenomenal review of this collection, doll. I find that the Poppy Print Rain Boots are my favorite piece - I can never resist adorable rain boots!

And Cynthia Vincent for Target? Yes. Please!! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous prints!
Especially loving the dresses and the Wellies!


thetragicallychic said...

love the new layout! and i'd love to have the poppy rain boots :D

Elle said...

Love the new layout! Ah I've already expressed some of my frustration with the LoL collection - the dresses I loved were just wayy too big! I think I'm going to end up returning them all, I was going to try to get one altered but my tailor estimated it would be about $50 to shorten and take in which didnt seem worth it in my opinion. Oh well! I didn't know about Cynthia Vincent - exciting!

Imogen said...

There are some really pretty dresses here, especially the pink floral dress. I adore your new layout, its the best!

Kristin said...

I LOVED the collection. Can't wait to rock the maxi dress I scored!

Audrey Allure said...

Great reviews, I might just get those rain boots too!

Love the new layout :)

Vanilla said...

gorgeous florals, Loving your new layout :)

Romany said...

Ugh, big boobs ruin everything sometimes, don't they? I swear to god, the amount of pretty tops or dresses I've had to forgo because the boobs got in the way...grr. Lol.
Aww those rainboots are too cute! I bought a similar pair a little while ago, and they ripped pretty quickly. I was so peeved because I paid soo much and I was just ripped off. But this is a different designer so you probably wont' have the same problem. :)
p.s. love the new layout! Why were you in a funk last week..?

J said...

super cute items!! btw i absolutely aodre your new layout! its a lot more spring happy!

Fashion Court said...

@tracie - you inspired me to go buy the boxers!

Tracie said...

At 5.99 you can't go wrong. Very girl friendly!! :)

Fashion Court said...

@tracie - YES! can you believe this kid gave me the weirdest look when i was buying them? i was like..puh-leez these are so comfy haha :P .. i have a feeling they're going to come on clearance at my target when the collection ends. only because i don't think the men around here would buy those LOL .. so i'm hoping to score more!

Tracie said...

Have you gotten the other dresses yet? I wanted to order a petite maxi dress but I wasn't sure how long it was. I got the pink and blue one from the girl's section and the x large fit nicely. I also sewed the straps down in the back to cross over and removed the pockets to make it less young girl.

Fashion Court said...

@tracie i had difficulty with all of the kids items :( they didn't work on me at all..but maxi dresses never seem to work for me! lol.. i wanted to order a petite maxi dress too but i wasn't sure either. i wanted to wait to see them in person but then i found out that they only have it online :( all of the other dresses i was pretty happy with though!

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