Tuesday, March 9, 2010

my review of jpg for target

if you want to save yourself from reading my entire reviews on everything, i can sum up this collection for you in one word...


it is not one of my favorite collabs at target, by far. i didn't think that the material was good quality, especially for the price. i'm not completely dissing this collection, because it MAY work for you. in fact, it looked fabulous on the budget babe's sister! but for me, not so much. 

i waited until 3am on sunday morning to order everything online, but i went to the store today. here are my reviews of the items that i actually tried in in the store.

lingerie lace trim dress
found here

i saw this on the hanger. no wonder why they had this covered in all of the promo pics (lol). i'm not feeling this because the top just screams "my boobs look like eyebrows" to me..and i don't know why. i think the green is a nicer color and probably could be pulled off if you're very very thin. i did not try this on because it just isn't my style. looked a bit thin fabric-wise.

striped tank dress
found here

this also comes in red, which i did not see in stores. this item was okay. VERY thin and also runs large. for example, i took an XS. i'm usually a small in target dresses and sometimes a medium in the collabs. this runs huge. as i said, it is SUPER thin...like you could tell the color of my undies through it (lol). the dress has a drape, which you can wear a few different ways. between the legs...it looks weird. i actually made the drape into a scarf and it looked super cute. i don't think i'll be keeping this though. 

bustier dress with shrug
found here

this also comes in black which seems to be an online exclusive. i don't think this dress works for busty girls or at least ones with a small waist/curvy hips. i tried a medium on and it looked horrible. the large looked like a potato sack. super disappointed, as i love the concept of this dress but it doesn't work on my body type (as i said - i would compare myself to a kim kardashian body type, very small waist, curvy hips and a bootay lol). the quality wasn't bad on this, but the shrug is not flattering.

bustier top with shrug
found here

also available in white, which i did not see at my store. i LOVED this when i tried it on, but i'm a busty girl so the buttons on the size L (which i rarely take in target tops) didn't look right. i would have tried an XL but i think the bottom would have been too baggy, plus my store didn't have any bigger sizes. i don't think it is worth $30, even loving it...but i may change my mind about that.

floral print dress
found here

ugh. this dress is so freaking adorable, but the fit is much like the striped bustier dress. just doesn't work for me. the material reminds me of a rain coat a bit too, which i bet would make it wrinkle a lot.

red/brown moto jacket
found here

this looked like luscious leather (lol) and most likely worth the high price tag. it is NOT my style though. i don't like the design on the back of the elbows. other than that, thumbs up.

halter dress
found here

also available in a floral print. i saw these walking in and was NOT impressed enough to try it on. i think that should say enough lol. it definitely will not work on me and i don't see how it could work on anyone with any boobs, at all. who knows, i could be wrong. the back is way too low cut for my liking too.

necklace sleeveless top
found here

also available in a peachy color. very thin material but sort of pretty. also wasn't impressed enough to take it off of the rack. may work for some.

strapless cloque dress 
found here

i'm on the fence with this dress. warning though - it runs SUPER small..as in i had to go a few sizes up. it is a really flattering cut, which i'm a bit surprised of because of my body type (see above references lol). it looked fabulous on but i'm not sure how much i really need a strapless lbd. i won't return it until i know for sure though, because it was the last one left at my store in the size i need. the material reminds me of a rain coat and is a bit plasticy, but there's something that i really love about it. ughhh, i can't make my mind up!

striped trench coat
currently unavailable online - check your store, mine had TONS!

i saved the best for last. this is my absolute favorite piece in the collection. i love everything about this coat. i took a size medium, which makes sense to me since i took a size medium in the anna sui ruffled coat. definitely runs a bit on the bigger side though, i probably could have gotten away with the small. the quality is amazing and i think this is the best piece. it's $60 but SO worth it because it is literally the perfect trench coat. the brown is a richer brown than the normal tan trench too. very cute detailing.

my personal opinion is if you're going to try out anything from this collection - try the trench coat or the strapless cloque dress in black. they are the standout pieces for me.

blah. this collection just wasn't for me. i don't know what exactly it was - maybe the materials, maybe the cuts of the items on my body. here's hoping liberty of london for target is much better (look for my preview post on it later this week!)


if you've posted a blog entry about this - let me know! i love reading others' opinions :o) ... also i'm excited because i may actually go to anthropologie for the first time in person this week (i know, what rock have i been living under?!)


Josie said...

Those last two pieces are my favorites, at least of the ones that you posted. I agree, a lot of these dresses definitely look like they aren't especially conducive to curves.
xxoo Josie

Vanilla said...

I like the colour yellow of the halter dress :)

Love vanilla

Audrey Allure said...

Great review, my favorite is also the trench coat!

Rai said...

It's not at my Target. lol Figures.

Romany said...

Oh how disappointing, I hate it when that happens. :( Boobs just get in the goddamn way sometimes, don't they haha?
So glad about the trench though! I wonder if we'll ever get this collection here in Australia. Will give u a review if it does.

Maddy said...

Great review! Sorry the clothes sucked in person, but at least the trench was nice (my favorite piece!).

thetragicallychic said...

the trench coat looks great!

i would love the stripey tops... but oh hell, singapore doesn't have any target stores and they don't do shipping here :(

Rachel said...

I really wasn't feeling anything about this collection. Nothing is particularly exciting to me. That's why I was so surprised so many people were freaking out over it...

daisychain said...

what a shame, it seemed so much like a hit.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm lucky if the Target (all six stores) near me will even get the collection in. Love that trench; though I won't be buying it. Warm weather will be here soon enough! :/

Couture Carrie said...

Thanks for the review, darling! Very thorough!


Kristin said...

The trench is what I've been waiting for. Gonna go see if it's at my store! Thanks for the review!!

Ruth loves said...

The trench is stunning. Must get one like this! xx

Blicious said...


E said...

I ordered a bunch of these and I wish I had read your review first. The bustier dress (which I intend to wear without the bizarre shrug) was the pony I bet one, let's cross our fingers it works for my super-flat self. Kicking myself for not getting that fabulous trench.

Nubiasnonsense said...

The trench is my favorite piece, I'm not too impressed also

Elle said...

agreed, i was pretty much unimpressed with the whole collection. there are some so-so pieces, but i don't think i'd personally spend money on anything. oh well!

anhesty said...

not yet but i do plan on checking it out! hey thanks for following me on twitter! following you now!

Rosie Unknown said...

The Target near me doesn't carry designer collabs, but I wish it did since I'm really digging the moto jacket.

Jessica said...

Such a shame that "meh" is the overarching feeling on this collection. It had a lot of potential to be amazing. I haven't seen it in stores yet.

myvogue said...

of course I was at Target the first day they launched the collection. Tried most of the stuff, but didn't see myself wearing this kind of dresses. I scored two tops though and can't wait to get warmer to rock JPG :)))

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