Tuesday, February 9, 2010

we interupt conversation hearts for a faux fix...

I hate to interupt the conversation hearts series, but I had to share a super fabulous faux fix with my readers.

The coco bag is undeniably one of the most coveted bags. But on the upwards of $850+, it most likely doesn't fit into your budget.

I was thrilled when I emailed american chic and found out they were working on finding a similiar style. Its now available for preorder HERE..and you can bet that I'm snagging one!

Check out today's conversation hearts guest post by clicking here or scrolling below! Have a fabulous day, darlings! Xo

those STUDS! <3


gigiofca said...

I love those studs!

betz said...

the last purse is super cool!


Style, She Wrote said...

Love the studs!

Marz said...

Wow, this bag is really nice!
ps, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, they made my day!

Alyson Blaire said...

ah fabulous! i've loved that wang bag for months, but got the donna hobo instead. thanks for the tip!



The Fashion Bloggess said...

very cute blog! love it and now am bookmarking it :) hope you can stop by mine sometime xox

ARANXA. said...

i seriously would love to have that bag..but its so darn expensive!
i love it tho

Nina said...

Oh my, thank you for the link!

Catherine said...

nice, thank yooou !

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