Thursday, February 4, 2010

conversations hearts! ; day 4 - don't forget the chocolate!

By: Lauren – La Petite Fashionista (

Back in high school I was super excited for my first Valentine's day with a boyfriend. Everything was going to be perfect I thought. I work a slinky hot pink shirt and matching heels and anxiously awaited the goodies I'd find when I got to my locker. 

I gave my boyfriend a lovey dovey handmade card and his favorite candy and anticipated the exchange, but.. nothing. "OH. I WAS GOING TO GIVE YOU YOUR GIFT AFTER SCHOOL" (lie!). He had forgotten. My first serious boyfriend forgot my Valentine's Day Gift.

After class got out, he paraded over to me holding a bouquet of roses, chocolates, and teddy bear. He had skipped class and bought things last minute at the local Walgreens. It wasn't the picture perfect Valentine's Day I'd hoped for, but it made it memorable nonetheless.

He turned out to be not-so-Mr. Perfect but, this time when the right guy comes around, I know he won't forget the chocolate!

i'm spending this year's valentine's day with my girlfriends-- & lots of godiva!


Maddy said...

My now husband had many of those Valentine slip ups too. He knows better now ;o) Enjoy the Godiva - & the friends!

Adela said...

hahahaha i hope that dosn't happen to me! my first real boyfriend and i are exchanging on the 19th! =)

Fashion Court said...

oh, i have been there with some mr. not so perfects :p .. but they didn't even try to fix it! lauren, you have a great idea for this valentine's day!

teresa said...

this picture is so fun and cute!

Jimmy Simpson said...

Wow looking so beautiful...I liked this
Jimmy Simpson
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kanishk said...

you have a great idea

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