Sunday, January 10, 2010

these boots are made for walkin'....or maybe these wedges...

don't get me wrong... i love the chinese laundry over the knee boots that i snagged on sale at nordstrom a few weeks ago.

...buttt....buttt...they're do i say this nicely...cheaply made.

let's put it this way, if i paid FULL price i'd be one unhappy camper right now. but i didn't, so i can't really complain (as much). the box says "pig leather" but i doubt it's any type of "real leather" at all lol. i really do love the style and fit of the boot, but i doubt that it will last me more than a season. i take REALLY good care of my shoes and i don't expect all little white marks along the seams that i cannot rub off.. OKAY CHINESE LAUNDRY? OKAY? I LOVE MY SHOES.

i know i could bring them back to nordstrom for a refund, but i actually do love them too much. damn you chinese laundry. but i decided that i'm willing to invest in a good over the knee boot.

i headed to my favorite website for shoes, endless. you cannot beat 365 days for a return, free shipping and free returns. (i swear, i have no affiliation with them - i simply LOVE their site).

i came across two pairs of over the knee boots that i decided to order. i know that at least one is definitely going back, if not both.

calvin klein mayson over the knee flat boot
found here

at first, i didn't like these at ALL. i wasn't really feeling the banded elastic top. but the more i looked at them, the more i kind of like them. i don't know if they will overwhelm me though since i'm only a smidge above 5'2. the thing i love about these boots is that you can fold down the top part. although, that might be more of a pain than it's worth. 

pour la victoire danielle boot
found here

oh pour la victoire. how you tempt me, all of the time. i could sit online and order every single pair and every single color of their shoes. i LOVE this brand and it is by far my favorite. the quality is always there and seriously can you not feel awesome when their logo is "for the victory"? i love this boot because it looks almost identical to my boots from chinese laundry.

and like any good, obsessive dedicated online shopper... i still looked at pretty pretty shoes and came across these lovelies....

pour la victoire savina open toe wedge
found here

OHMYGAWD POUR LA VICTOIRE YOU DID IT AGAIN. like i said below (and in many many many other posts), i effing LOVE their shoes. they have a gift with making fabulous, fabulous sandals that you really cannot find replicas of. and the quality is amazing. the savinas are a bit pricey, i know...but they're an even trade off for the boots if i decide to keep them instead. and in all practicality, winter will be over soon (riiiight?) so i should probably just wear the crap out of my chinese laundry boots now, save my money on boots, and be prepared for the spring. maybe. CRAP. i dunno. they only had two left in stock, and with endless's return policy i figured it was definitely worth snagging them now and making my mind up later.

they're all scheduled to be at my door on january 12th (cuz endless is awesome with their free overnight shipping) ... so i can decide then. i'm hoping i don't love them all...heh. i have to be smart and practical though. arrrrgh.



The Budget Babe said...

without looking at the price i'd vote for the pour la victoire boots, they are gorgeous and won't go out of style.

im sorry to hear about those chinese laundry boots, i've always had good luck with them but quality can be so elusive these days, at every price point!

手上 said...
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Elaine said...

Pour la victorie for sure! Are you thinking of getting them??? I think if you're planning on wearing them for a while you should just get them and try to sell your Chinese Laundry boots..

Maddy said...

From the online pictures, I would say the Pour La Victorie ones. Some real pics with both on would be awesome:)

Liya said...

i loooove the brand modern vintage!
but yeah i know the feeling of realizing your boots/shoes are poorly made. ughhh

daisychain said...

ahhh shoe love.

Couture Carrie said...

Love all of these!
I wish Pour la Victoire made a size 11!


betz said...

i love them all. but ck got my heart.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Anything by Pour La Victoire is destined to be fabulous; therefore, my vote is for the Danielle Boot. I myself don't have a favorite brand of shoes - I'm all over the place in terms of footwear!! :)

Kristin said...

Pour la victoire is forever torturing me!

MissNeira said...

I love the first over the knee, really cute style

I don't have a definite brand..but I really like Bakers shoes for fun and funky dress up heels

Savvy Gal said...

I can't say I have a favorite brand. I will pick style and comfort instead of brand. But, I find myself turning to Tod's quite often.

Imogen said...

I'm sorry to hear about your experience with the first shoes and I hope your more successful with the next pair. My favourite brand of shoes is Steve Madden.

gigiofca said...

Too bad about the boots. The wedges worked, you said, and those are hawt!

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