Saturday, December 5, 2009

yeah, i'm still here ;o)

i've been terrible at updating lately, i so apologize for it. this week was just...i don't know. it just dragged by, nothing special, nothing terrible, just a week.

upcoming posts include:
*the nordstrom private holiday sale/party and my recent purchases*
*my holiday gift guide*
*a review on morrocan oil*
(ps: any requests for anything?)

i PROMISE for an update later tonight or tomorrow. it's currently 11:56 as i'm typing and i'm drinking some coffee. pulling an all nighter to do some homework. about two and a half weeks of school left, then about two weeks off, and then whoohoo winter class and internship for a month -_- haha...but i really can't complain

i have to say, i am happy that i started blogging. i really do love writing and i love getting input from people. and i love all my readers :o) you guys are the best, and you have some of the best blogs out there.

see you soon.

PS: don't forget, lulu's is offering 15% off your purchase with the promo code "FASHIONCOURT" until 12/27 ... see my picks here


Diane said...

awww we missed you! can't wait for your new posts!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Yay you're back!

P.S Moroccan Oil is kinda my favorite thing in life, so I'm excited to hear what you think.

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