Wednesday, December 30, 2009

dear miley (again)

dear miley,

oh, we have spoken a few times before. i have once praised you, just to take my compliments away only days later.

and really? i still don't care for you. i don't love you, i don't hate you...but you're not my favorite person on the planet? when it comes to singers, queen gaga and t. swift are. you my friend are not.

but you have redeemable qualities, kiddo. you do. you have that party in the usa song that i love to sing while i'm driving to get weird looks from other drivers. you have a recent sense of style (sometimes). you're even going to be in a movie that i actually have an interest in seeing.  

so see, maybe i do like you a little bit. damn, that was hard to admit.

the two closest walmarts by me suck the big one. really, they do. they do no justice to your clothes. the entire store is a mess. but ah, super walmarts in pennsylvania. THAT IS WHAT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. i'm sure you appreciate the difference between super walmart and walmart ms. cyrus, don't you?

anyway, i have something to share with my readers. you can score a REALLY cute plaid shirt from walmart, by miley. it's probably the best plaid button down that you can score for $12.

and no, it's not that one.
btw miley, pictures like these are why i don't care for you. knock it off with the pose.

apparently, this amazing shirt is not online. thanks miley. now i can't share the link. but seriously, go to your local walmart to check these out for yourself. 

SO glad i waited to post this (or you know..forgot to post it and just found it in drafts now) ... here are the links for the blue/black (personally my favorite), white/black and purple/black

i would have taken a better picture, but the people that work there were kind of watching me.

you will be happy. 
thank you miley.
fashion court

ps: the charcoal dress that you're wearing in the first picture, it's really a top. and i still want it.

pps: i want this too.


ohh and another little note, i have a few outfit photos but i've been too lazy to upload lol hopefully new year, new inspiration :P




Rosie Unknown said...

Well, since it's Miley, I want to dislike it. But I actually kind like some of it.

gigiofca said...

Most of the clothes look cheap and felt thin. Perfect for the teenage market. Many can get away w/wearing ultra thin clothing. I haven't given up on her yet even though nothing looked great from "her" collab with Max Azria (?). Excellent find! I knew something good had to show up at some point. Thanks for sharing.

Nina said...

Hmmm. Miley is really a hit or a miss for me. But this post of yours had me in stiches! Love it. Miley, please visit this blog if you want to be styled and/or advised better.

beckyxoxo said...

I think I'm the same with you . I don't like her , but I don't hate her . Sometimes she amazes me , but sometimes she makes me say "Oh please" . Lol . Thanks for sharing this ! I kinda like the plaid shirt .

Couture Cookie said...

Anything Miley makes me cringe.

Rai said...

I want to go back and get that Faux Leather Jacket for $20 and that Sequin Ribbon Tank!

I do not care for skanky Miley Cyrus as a person though. lol :/

Couture Carrie said...

Not a fan if the buffalo plaid...

Happy new year!


Maddy said...

Not such a fan of the Miley line (but then again I'm 10 years older than her), but I do love the PA Super Walmarts. They're amazing. I try to squeeze in a visit whenever I can.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm going to make a petite confession in honor of it being New Year's Eve...I own four - count that, four - pairs of Miley Cyrus Liquid Leggings. And I may have bought the Union Jack Flag watercolor t-shirt as well. For $5. Yes, I love it all!!

Happy, Happy New Year my love!! :)

Amelia said...

Definitely not a fan, but I actually like her look in the first picture.

yiqin; said...

I just cant seem to like her..

Imogen said...

I'm not a fan of Miley at all. I like taylor swift too. Anyway, I'm interested by the fact that Miley has a range your the one that drew my attention to it. I haven't seen enough to have an opinion on it yet. Happy New Year.

daisychain said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, I hope 2010 is wonderful to you xxx

J said...

i havent checked out her clothes yet! the pricing is def there but im not sure, anything with miley's seal on it doesnt really catch my attention!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ok, don't kill me. I have never been in a Walmart. Not because I'm a snob but because I live in a big city and it's all targets yeah. But Cafe Fashionista did tell me about the liquid leggings and I might get them online!

Not a miley fan though. She needs to knock it off.

MissNeira said...

I wish I could like it but I cant stand the teen collaboration with fashion lines, its rarely ever done right and its basically her name plastered everything when she has no actual decision or power in it, too bad, I really like her thought!

Kris said...

ahah this post is great. She is definitely hit or miss with the clothes... everything else I'm not a fan of! Happy New Year!

iheartvintagex said...

I don't warm to her, she tries to hard to kick off the 'disney' label on her. But I do like the clothes line, I have to admit! :) ♥

Style, She Wrote said...

AWESOME post! I despise the line she did with Max Azria. (I prefer T. Swift, too.) Hopefully, Miley will read this and take a hint!
Happy New Year!

Nubiasnonsense said...

I purchased a pair of pleather leggings and the quality was not great at all... I'm not such a big fan

heppy new year

Kristin said...

Hmmmmmmm. I'm gonna have to go hit up the old Mart and check this situation out!! Happy new year!

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