Saturday, August 22, 2009

fierce? let's hear the verdict...

let's start off with this key fact: I LOVE CHRISTIAN SIRIANO.

why? i have no idea. but i wish he was my best friend. seriously. like, it's bad.

needless to say... when i found out that he was doing a collection with payless, i was psyched. payless is a great place when you don't want to spend toooooo much on a cute pair of shoes and if you just need them for a one time use. but i'm totally not saying they only last one time...they do last pretty well in my own experiences!

now, let's look at christian's collection.

Sandstrap Peep Toe
found here

these are cute. i'm liking that the ankle strap is removable. two looks for the price of one! it also comes in brown.

Strut Pump
found here

also, cute. nothing revolutionary here..but still cute. i'm liking the chains and the studs. we all know that my weakness is studs. they have a bit of an edge but still can probably pass as professional or polished.

Slither Boot
found here

my FAVORITE. seriously. they have blue soles - i think this is the color blue that christian was referring to when he said his makeup collection was inspired by egypt. i love love love. i do have a bit of a problem paying $50 for boots at payless though considering i could probably get a better name at nordstrom for a bit more. as long as they're good quality and seem like they'll last though the price can easily be justified. i think i'm going to buy these especially considering i have a 20% off coupon.

i'm hoping they add more to this collection. it's not as "chains and metal" as i expected from the preview pictures that i had seen months earlier. there are only three designs which is sort of boring. the designs are also pretty basic in general - sort of expected more out of the box for him BUT BUT BUT it is for the mainstream (and payless). i think i will be purchasing the boots - BUT i do want to see them in person first. sometimes it is sort of hard to tell how quality truly is online... i do love those blue soles though.



Law and Fashion said...

The boot is by FAR my favorite too! I usually buy pretty conservative (read: boring) shoes because of work but I really think I could make those boots work!

sparklingpinkgorilla said...

even though I'm disappointed.... I still love them! The blue sole is genius! I wish he had a spiked piar of heels like we seen last February in the fashion shows though :( but still, great looking shoes. I'll have to go check them out in the store. Where'd you get a coupon??? O and you said there's only three pairs? He had posted a picture on twitter with some blue Egypt print flats...maybe they're releasing them slowly...

Imogen said...

I like them. The second one is my favourite, very nice.

yiqin; said...

He is my fave PR winner :D

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