Thursday, August 13, 2009

faux fix

found here for $30

i have had the best experiences with havaianas. i bought my first pair at a sample sale for like $4. then i bought a pair in black for full price. something you have to understand - i abuse my flipflops. seriously. i wear them EVERYWHERE. for a summer walk, on the beach, shopping, etc. my black ones lasted from the SEVENTH GRADE UNTIL I WAS A JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL. really. i swear. so in my opinion, havaianas are worth the investment. plus they're the comfiest flipflops you will ever wear. i promise. (buy them directly from havaianas and you'll get a much better color selection than nordstrom)

found here for $7.50

old navy has a faux fix version. cute cute. i've never had good experience with old navy flipflops. everyone is in love with them, i know...but the way i abuse my flipflops, nope. the color always rubs off ... and things poke me. it's probably just me. but yeah. i think this is a great option because sometimes it is just not realistic to spend $30 on a pair of flipflops. plus they have cute little embellishments.



sparklingpinkgorilla said...

I don't wear mine but a few times so the cheapies are ok but those havaianas are so cute. Never seen that design before. I'd definitely buy them and wear them to death.

J. said...

I love them too! Before I got my first pair I thought "what could the difference possibly be between the cheapies and the real stuff? It's just plastic!" but the difference really is remarkable!

I still havent bought the design on the pics (can't decide what colour to get) but I have like 7 other pairs... and the new designs look great!

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