Thursday, August 13, 2009

dear miley,

dear miley,

hiiiii. gee, you look happy there. honestly, i kind of don't like you. you have that quirky thing going on for you and that's nice but you don't seem like my type of person. but there is something that i sort of like about you (aka i don't hate you).

and once i saw your commercial for your line at walmart, i was like "okay, maybe i do sort of like her..."

and then i tried on a few pieces at the store. it is bad enough that i hate the walmarts near me. they suck. i literally screamed I HATE PEOPLE there. and i like people. i retract my compliments on most of the things i said i would get. i understand designer collabs can't be amazing quality when at places like walmart and especially when it is mass produced. i think i was spoiled by the amazing hollywood intuition collab at target. i think so. it ruined me. the botkier for target line also ruined me... in a bad way. you ruined me miley. YOU RUINED ME.

i'm not going to lie, a few decent pieces that you could easily make WORK. i'm just going to walk away slowly and say that. or uhh .. type it.

AND I HATE THOSE SHINY LEGGINGS YOU HAVE., it's okay. let's stay enemies ... or whatever we were like yesterday.


fashion court.

ps: where are you hiding that plaid shirt? i sort of still want it. kinda. i think i'll just go to target.

pps: max azwhatever-clearlydoesntunderstandtheconceptofwalmart ... if i'm going to buy your purses, i will not pay $ WALMART. and this is coming from a girl who spends MUCH MORE THAN THAT ON PURSES.


sparklingpinkgorilla said...

no, walmart has no excuses. if forever21 can produce and sell cult favorites like their tees for $4.50, then walmart can, right? I know exactly what you mean by the purse being $50 thing. If I wanna pay $20 for some jeans, I can go to Tj Maxx and get some super cute guess jeans on clearance. Walmart should come down off it's high horse.

Rai said...

lol. They stuff is actually cute.
But all it is really is stuff that's already out.

P.S. I so dislike Miley Cyrus, too!
HEY YA'LL! lmao

Rai said...

WHOA! And there is a purse for $50 there?
I didn't see it.... WTF & AT WAL-MART?

Talk Pretty To Me said...

Now you have sparked my curiosity and I want to go to Walmart's website. lol


Talk Pretty To Me said...

Saw it and wasn't impressed.


Fashion Court said...

@sparklingpinkgorilla .. you're totally right. i didn't even think of that :p

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