Friday, April 13, 2012

[better late than never] influenster love voxbox review!

hey everyone! i know, i always start my entries with "it's been a while!" and it really has been. my life right now? insanity...but i'm enjoying every minute of it.

i received the "love voxbox" from influenster and wanted to share a review with all of you! i have to say, influenster seems to be improving. not that it was ever bad - i mean, who could resist a box of free goodies in the mail?! - but they seem to be more organized and even have better customer service now. that being said... i can't wait to participate in their next voxbox because they're really bringing their a-games.'s a picture of the lovely contents of the box...

kiss nail dress - ultimate nail fashion stickers - i thought these were pretty cool. i like them better than the fake nails that you peel on because i'm not really a fake nails kind of girl. see my full review on these here.

ghiardelli gourmet milk chocolate creamy devotion bar - the PERFECT addition to the love voxbox! this wound up getting claimed by my mom and grandma, but i got to taste a piece and of course it was delicious :)

gillette venus and olay razor - this is tied for my favorite item in the box (tied with stash tea!). click here for my full review.

stash herbal tea sampler - like i just mentioned, tied for my favorite item. i LOVE this tea! it's super simple just to brew some hot water in my keurig and use a tea bag from the box. love that it was a variety box (nine different flavors). i have purchased two boxes on my own since receiving this sampler.

truvia natural sweetener - i'm not a big fan of these kind of sweetners. i'd rather use sugar. but i gave these to my aunt and she said that they were delicious and tasted natural. it didn't have a weird flavor like other sweeteners sometimes do. she would recommend them to other people. one packet of truvia = the same sweetness as two teaspoons of sugar! that's pretty awesome. and it's all natural.

also what i thought was sweet was i had unlocked a badge from my previous box (read that review here) for broadway nails and because i unlocked that badge..they sent me 3 additional products in the mail! pretty cool and definitely a nice perk :)


disclosure: these items were all complimentary for me to test out and review because i'm an influenster member. not being compensated otherwise ;)

review: kiss nail dress stickers!

i received the kiss nail dress stickers in my influenster love voxbox. click here to check out the kiss website! 

i'm not a fan of fake nails, so i was happy to receive these stickers to work with my own nails. 

here's what they want you to know...
* stickers for your nails AND toes! 
* 28 stickers per package
* peel, apply and shape
* topcoat is built in
* lasts up to 10 days
* can remove without nail polish remover (awesome!)
* 18 different styles, retailing for around $6.99 at drug stores and mass retailers (i've seen them at CVS and Walmart)

i like that you can also use these for your toes! i wasn't a huge fan of the print of these, but they were fun and temporary. i like that there are more brands entering the sticker nail market now! i also like that you can use them as accents, aka just use one for a bit of drama!

disclosure: these items were all complimentary for me to test out and review because i'm an influenster member. not being compensated otherwise ;)

review: gillette venus & olay razor

i received the gillette venus & olay razor & click there for their website! (see that cute yellow packaging?!) in my influenster love voxbox (click here for the full box review). this was hands down one of my favorite items.

here's what you should know...
* this is the first time gillette venus & olay are coming together to create a gold standard in shaving
* venus' five bladed razors give you a smooth and comfortable shave and adjust to your curves
* olay moisture bars help against dryness - AND you don't have to use shaving cream (big plus in my book)
* sells for $8.99-$10.99 with refills of three replacements for $14.99-$19.49 at food, drug, convenience and mass merch stores (i've seen them at my grocery store and also at target)

and here's what i thought! i always use gillette venus razors, they're just my favorite brand. i was skeptical to use this because usually those moisturizing bars last for about one shave and that's about it. i started this razor about three weeks ago and the moisturizing bars are STILL present. granted, they're not as big as they were, but still big enough where i don't have to use shaving cream. my legs feel moisturized and i would definitely purchase this razor in the future!

disclosure: these items were all complimentary for me to test out and review because i'm an influenster member. not being compensated otherwise ;) 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

i took a break from twitter and...

actually...i really liked it.

honestly...i've been going through some heavy stuff lately. adding to my anxiety was social media in general.

i'm not going to write something vague here. most people suck. whether it's real life friends or twitter friends. most. people. suck. most people bounce out on you the minute things go wrong. they turn their backs on you. they aren't there when you need them most, even when you're always there for them.

and some people? they're really awesome. cherish those people.

as of now, i am keeping my twitter and keeping this blog. i have decided to make my twitter anonymous as of now as well. please respect this decision and hope you still all have fun tweeting with me!

some fashion / food content will be up this week. i've been trying to be a better blogger.

thanks for understanding! xoxo

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

yesterday was fun.

it was so weiiiiiird (in a good way) to blog yesterday. i may have caught the bug again.

ANYWAY! before i eyed up that black and white bag from the jason wu for target collection... i fell in love with this pretty baby...

kate spade new york 'grove court - blaine' shoulder bag, img&details via here


my defense was that i was NOT looking for this bag. it came to me. via the nordstrom catalog. daaamn you, pretty catalog. you corrupt me.

anyway. it's definitely an investment piece (and the gift cards i had from my birthday back in the fall / from the holidays definitely helped put a major dent in the price) but i know it'll never go out of style. i CLEARLY have a thing for two tone bags....and i'm not saying that's a bad thang.


Monday, February 6, 2012

my jason wu for target find

i know, i know. i've been an awful blogger lately. honestly...haven't felt inspired. i guess we all go though that. winter is the absolute WORST for me because i love spring/summer clothes as opposed to bundling up. blaaah, blah, blaaah ;)

anyway.. i bet you guys didn't know target came out with a new collection! (sarcasm, daaahlings!). i am still having anxiety attacks over missoni, no joke. i didn't order anything online because the minute i tried to add something to my cart, it was out of stock. COULDN'T DEAL! the targets near me are closed on sundays (blue laws, thanks joisey) so i was out of my county and stopped by a target that was opened so i could check out the jason wu collection.

i saw some clothes but there wasn't much of a selection. i wasn't impressed to be quite honest. but... i found...

yah. i'm happy. it was pretty much the ONE thing that i wanted and i think i'm done with this collection (these words will inevitably come back to bite me as i basically live at target.)

anyway! i'll try being a better blogger. have a few other cool purchases to share with you all.

DID ANYTHING FROM JASON WU FOR TARGET CATCH YOUR ATTENTION? DID YOU FIND ANYTHING YOU LOVED? is it too early in the year to wear a white/black bag? please say no.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

first voxbox from influenster review

even though i haven't been posting on here, i still try to keep up with new things. i read about influenster on one of my FAAAAAAVORITE blogger's websites... kimberlee! she reviewed a box a while back and i was intrigued enough to sign up for influenster myself.

with influenster, you fill out surveys and earn "badges" (for example, you can earn a badge for having a smart phone). as you earn the badges, you can qualify to get a "voxbox" ... which is a box of complimentary goodies to try out. it's really a simple concept ... plus, i love getting boxes in the mail :p

i love trying new stuff, especially samples. but they actually send you full sized products which is pretty cool. i qualified for the holiday voxbox (i kinda adore the little santa hat on the card that came in the box, seen at the top of this post).

i earned enough badges to qualify for the bonus product. i received the "x out wash-in" treatment (from the makers of proactiv). i have to admit, i did not try this yet..but i read the bottle and the concept is pretty cool. you can use it three different ways and it kills bacteria. the most attractive way to me was as a spot treatment because thankfully my skin is pretty good (and has been pretty good which is why i haven't tried it yet). i did have a family member be my giunea pig over the holidays and it worked great for them!

as for the products that everyone's what i thought of everything:

impress press-on manicure by broadway nails: i'll admit...i still haven't tried these. i have never used fake nails in my life so i'm kinda hesitant. my nails are fragile as it is. however, there's always a first time for i miiiiight just try them out for new year's eve. i really like the patterns that they have for these and i have to admit that i was tempted to buy another pattern at the store before i received these. i have been seeing the commercials for this product a lot lately. i think it will probably take off for people who do already use fake nails. the concept seems really simple (even for beginners) - peel the plastic off of the back of the nail and press on. also, was a bit disappointed because the box came damaged :(

softsoap coconut scrub body bar: omg. this smells AMAZING. like absolutely amazing. it lathers well...and smells amazing. yeah, that's all i really need. i still wouldn't completely get rid of my normal body wash (neutrogena rainbath which i've been using for years)...but this might become a new must-have in my shower. my skin is really sensitive and this didn't irritate me at all.

montagne jeunesse face mask: i don't think i really even need to post a review for this! i always got these as stocking stuffers. always has been a great product for me. i received "dead sea" and it left my skin very soft (as these products always do) and refreshed.

new york color liquid lip shine: i received the shade "new york nude" which is a really pretty nude (well, durf tee). but i like it a lot. it smells like a vanilla cupcake and looks super pretty. i LOVE new york color products and always buy their lip glosses. love that it has vitamin e in it!

mentos pure fresh gum: okay...i have a confession. i have the worst gum habit ever. like, a pack a day of orbit kind of habit. i only two types of gum. orbit wintermint and this. i've used this before i received it in the box and i'll continue using it. i like that it has a minty center. i'm not a fan of the container though.

larabar - OMG. hands down my favorite item in the box. is that bad? of course, it's a food item. the flavor that i received was coconut cream pie. i'm absolutely buying some more of these. i'd say it's a great snack or breakfast on the run. soooooo good. i thought i tasted a fig taste (the package says dates. i always confuse the two. or are they the same thing? i have no idea, but it was still yummy).

i have to say, i was impressed with this voxbox! i hope that i qualify for more in the future and i'd definitely recommend any blogger (or girl ,for that matter) to sign up for one of these boxes.


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